10 Aug

We have been active on Facebook for a while now and we are taking advice on increasing our views by moving our content to a WordPress blog. Here’s hoping it is a good move and that we get relevant content to our members and visitors that creates conversation that helps everyone grow!

You frequently will see the initials of our administrators ( ~SH~, AJ, & R.H.) but occasionally a post will be a hit and run and the initials will be forgotten. Don’t take offence, we all speak as one anyway.

We are not required to grant anyone free speech – this is not a city square, nor is it a government site owned by the tax payer. It is ours and that means that our opinion is the first and last and even though we allow polite discourse, if we think you are trolling or just plain stupid then you are gone. No debate, no asshurt whining, go start your own blog that you won’t let us troll.

We use descriptive language. You may use it also, as long as it isn’t a direct attack on another member for the purpose of trolling. We are the deciding factor in what trolling is.

For our regulars and all the newbies, welcome – the debates and discussions are open.



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