Dear Missouri,

20 Aug

We may have our differences but I am really really hoping that we can agree that there are not different levels of rape. That it is vial, disgusting, evil, controlling, hateful, did I say evil? Yes but lets say it again, EVIL.

I don’t care what excuses, or bogus research papers, or bogus studies are quoted. Getting pregnant from a rape means nothing other than the process of sperm (from an evil horrible person that needs to be castrated) met an egg that was present at the wrong time due to a regularly occurring process of ovulation. Women don’t ask for it. They don’t dress for it. They don’t behave in a certain way that invites it. And no woman should ever be punished because someone with a penis decided he needed to be in control and hurt a woman.

Missouri, you are looking at an election that has you listening to a truly horrible and evil man claiming that what I have stated is false. I don’t know if he needs to justify his own behavior or that of someone he knows but he is so so wrong and if you elect him then you have placed someone in an office that will shrug and excuse someone for rape. It comes down to the old question of what if it is your daughter/sister/mother/aunt/wife/grandmother that is raped? What if one of those women is home alone and someone breaks in and violates her. Is she to blame? How about if she becomes pregnant from that attack? Does that mean she maybe enjoyed it a little? Todd Akin thinks so. Picture that vial image for a moment. Your precious daughter, beat down and sexually violated. Will you blame her or will you protect her and cherish her and comfort her. When she plays the “I should have” game are you going to agree with her or are you going to tell her that it was in no way her fault and she did what she could? Tell Todd Akin that. Tell him your baby deserves more respect than his vile words and nasty mind give her.

You have an option now. Claire McCaskill . Take it. Stand up for the women in your life and tell Akin that his statements of stupidity won’t fly with you, that you choose to be more intelligent than he is. And tell him that his obvious rape fantasies are sick and finding ways to justify them are unacceptable.

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