We use Troll be Gone ™

To tell the truth, find facts, and drive a few republicans nuts.

We would like to welcome the new lurking potential trolls to the page. We reserve the right to delete, block, and ban anyone with illogical rambling and remind everyone that this is in fact a page that has no love or respect for any of the current GOP candidates. We do not care if you don’t like our opinions and remind you that this page does not have to grant a troll any constitutional rights, including freedom of speech. If you want that right, make your own page and get off your couch and go protest in public somewhere. If we post something that is factually incorrect our faithful fans are very good at politely calling us on our temporary laziness in a thought provoking and provable manner. Calling us poopie pants and giving us fox and/or conspiracy theory links with no facts does not fall into the sane category and once we laugh maniacally at you we will boot you. Carry on.
General Information

Do you enjoy 10 or 15 minutes of the Limbaugh show before you go rant and troll? If so then don’t click like. This is my page, it will have a liberal slant simply because most of the GOP talking points are sheer bs and not based on truth. I really don’t care if you don’t like it and I’m not required to give you freedom of speech here. You can have that when you rant in the town square with your hat full of tea bags.
Liberal leanings with rational honesty tossed in.


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